Tunnel internal networks via SSH with sshuttle

$ sshuttle -r dragon@

Does a system support IPMI

IPMI support available:

$ sudo dmidecode --type 38
# dmidecode 3.0
Getting SMBIOS data from sysfs.
SMBIOS 3.0 present.

Invalid entry length (16). Fixed up to 11.
Handle 0x0058, DMI type 38, 18 bytes
IPMI Device Information
    Interface Type: KCS (Keyboard Control Style)
    Specification Version: 2.0
    I2C Slave Address: 0x10
    NV Storage Device: Not Present
    Base Address: 0x0000000000000CA2 (I/O)
    Register Spacing: Successive Byte Boundaries

IPMI support not available:

$ sudo dmidecode --type 38
# dmidecode 3.0
Scanning /dev/mem for entry point.
# No SMBIOS nor DMI entry point found, sorry.

Test of new hardware

The tools listed below can be used to test hardware.


The test of new hardware is generally not necessary, the failure rate of today’s components is pretty low.

A burn in is already done on the manufacturer side and usually is not necessary either.

Storage device: badblocks

Spectre & Meltdown


Inspect the script. You never blindly run scripts you downloaded from the Internet, do you?


Run the current kernel and install amd-microcode or intel-microcode package.

$ curl -L -o
$ chmod +x
$ sudo ./
Spectre and Meltdown mitigation detection tool v0.37+

Checking for vulnerabilities on current system
Kernel is Linux 4.4.0-127-generic #153-Ubuntu SMP Sat May 19 10:58:46 UTC 2018 x86_64
CPU is AMD EPYC 7251 8-Core Processor

Deleting all partitions

$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=512 count=1 conv=notrunc