The basis of an OSISM environment is a configuration repository, that is divided into individual environments. The structure, the creation and its contents are explained here.


  • inventory: Ansible inventory directory. All host-specific details are managed here.

  • docs: Optional directory to manage documents about an environment.

  • environments: Directory for managing the individual environments. Each environment has its own subdirectory.


With the exception of a special environment for the manager, all environments have the same structure and share the same inventory.


  • configuration.yml: Default configuration parameters can be overwritten by this file.

  • images.yml: This file can be used to overwrite default images.

  • secrets.yml: Environment specific secrets can be deposited in this file.

  • ansible.cfg: Ansible configuration file.

  • playbook-*.yml: Playbook files for Ansible.

  • environments/ansible.cfg: Ansible configuration file.

  • environments/*/ansible.cfg: Ansible configuration file.

  • inventory/hosts

  • inventory/host_vars/*.yml

  • inventory/group_vars/*.yml