Hints when working with GitHub in the company scope.


Using the Github search, it is possible to view the issues for a specific organization.

Pull requests

All code changes are introduced via pull requests, this allows code to be reviewed and tested before it gets merged.

When changes to a pull request are to be made, the preferred option is to amend the existing commit(s) as needed instead of adding additional commits that modify the previous commits in your PR. This requires you to use the --force option on your next git push, but it helps to keep the git history clean and it also mirrors the workflow for upstream projects using Gerrit instead of GitHub.


We use Zuul for our CI-CD pipelines. If your task requires secrets, keep in mind to add a no_log: true to every task that handles secrets (even if it’s just scripts that take them). Other points of possible leakage are the zuul-executor log files as well as the job-output.json. It should also be empty. OTC therefore forked the swift log upload job and created a fake job-output.json without any content.